Balance: Is It Possible For Working Moms Or Just Ballerinas?

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Working moms

Working moms

It has long been argued that balance is indeed attainable and something for which to strive. What do you think? I believe that it is all in the perspective you take, the values that you hold dear to your heart, and the choices that move you toward what makes you feel content and fulfilled.

Life balance is as individual as you are. Ultimately it is the balance between how much time you spend in each category of your life that feels “right” for you. That ideal balance means different things to different people.

Balance between work and family is not a destination. It is not something that you achieve and then you are done. Rather, life balance is a series of adjustments that you make all through the day, each and every day. Either you move toward or away from balance. The key is to increase your awareness when making decisions. Instead of making them instinctively, determine in the moment if the decision will move you toward balance. Are your decisions in alignment with your VALUES? Or are you making decisions to take on projects and devote your time to tasks and other things which are really not important to you? Something as simple as being aware of the decisions you make and actions you take will naturally cause you to move more toward a life of balance IF they are in alignment with what you most value.

If you are feeling uneasy about how and where you are spending your time and energy, I challenge you to consider your answers to the following:

1) What are your top values?

2) Are you living your values in a balanced way toward ultimate life fulfillment?

3) If not, where can you start making changes to do more of the things that are most important in your life and less of the things that are not? In other words, how do you want your life to look?

4) What will your plan of action be so that you will intentionally spend less time on the things that are not important to you and more time on those that are one of your top values?

It is my hope that the time you have spent answering the aforementioned questions will help to move you in a direction that makes you feel happier, more in control, and more fulfilled in your life. Living a life out of balance often leads to frustration, agitation, unhappiness, and sometimes even anger and resentment. I know you do not want that for yourself or for your family and colleagues. Balance is your birthright…you deserve it and you owe it to yourself!


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