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Work-life Balance – Maybe You Can’t Do Balance?

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Work-life Balance – Maybe You Can’t Do Balance

Every one wants balance. Is there such a thing? Clients hire me as a coach for this reason just as often as the clients who want more time and money.

In order to get some power with this concept lets shift how we think about balance. We tend to think of balance in terms of equal time to equal areas in our lives. In our minds, we relate to balance this way even though we know it isn’t possible to spend equal time to equal areas in our lives. Especially, when our work, for most of us, takes up more than half of our waking hours each day.

Let’s use a metaphor; Imagine that achieving balance is like being a great juggler. The balls you juggle represent areas of your life...

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Worklife Balance – A Path Leading Towards High productivity

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Worklife Balance

Worklife Balance

The term work life balance is very common these days and every other person might have heard of it. Now days we see there are number of books and articles that cover this topic. During the first era of 21st century, Pakistan’s wide economic reform have resulted in a stronger economic outlook and accelerated growth in various sectors. The economic investments have given Pakistan an exposure to better living standards. Pakistan is a communal country which has always shared the norms and values of male breadwinner-female homemaker model. Now these cultural values and norms are facing lots of changes like women entrants in workforce, both parents working, more broken homes etc resulting in an increased need to amalgamate work and family life...

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