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Greeting Card Verses And Famous Quotes Galore! Verses From A Real Greeting Card Writer!

Friday, March 30, 2018 Life In Balance  No comments

My name is Father Time and I have been writing greeting card verses for years! I have posted over a hundred and fifty articles on in the past several months and five of my most popularly viewed articles were ones that contained some of my great greeting card verses. Those five articles were viewed over 2,000 times cumulatively. I am compiling for this piece, several of the verses in those five articles, just in case you have missed them! I will also include some of those quotes from famous people!

I give you my permission to use these greeting card verses that I have penned as long as you don’t put them into mass produced cards that will be sold commercially...

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How to Balance Your Life As a Real Estate Agent

Saturday, March 24, 2018 Life In Balance  No comments

It is not easy to become a real estate agent. While it is true that earning is easy and is more attractive, it should always be noted that paychecks are dependent on transaction volumes. Thus, if you get idle and do not work well to sell properties, you would not be able to hit marks and earn target income. In this regard, many agents find it inevitable to focus more on the business and disregard other personal aspects.

As a typical real estate agent, it may be normal for you to get working at least 18 hours a day. You might get home only to sleep and wake up the following morning to proceed to the same routines. It could be a vicious cycle. You may not notice it but your work might be overtaking and consuming your whole life...

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The Real Truth About Health, Nutrition And Nutritional Supplements

Sunday, July 30, 2017 Eating Right  No comments

The Real Truth About Health, Nutrition And Nutritional Supplements

Nowadays many people live in a fast paced world that leaves them reaching for a fast meal from convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Unhappily, these types of food include chemicals and food colors that are harmful to health.

Nutrition Supplement a Real Live Nutrition

The term “Nutrition supplement” is very well-known to most of us but do we understand why it is so essential? Nutrition, by phrase-book definition, is the summation of the processes by which someone takes in and utilizes food substances. The most important advantage of using food substances are the ingestion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, herbs, etc. These are some of the stuff that keeps our body hale and hearty.

What is Nutrition Supplement...

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