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How to Bring Balance and Harmony in Your Life

Sunday, January 14, 2018 Life In Balance  No comments

Lack of balance and harmony in our lives is perhaps the main reason why so many people are not happy today. It shouldn’t be like that because life is a very precious thing and we only get to live once. So, we all should strive to live our life as best as possible.

Achieving balance and harmony in all aspects of our live is the secret to true happiness. In this article, we will share with you six ways to bring balance and harmony into your life.

1. Avoid total focus on only one aspect of your life. In today highly competitive work environment, many of us are focusing all our time and energy in building a career without regard to our own health. Many people are willing to sacrifice their health over a career...

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All Things in Harmony: A Native American View of Health and Illness

The view of health by Native Americans is both all encompassing and thoughtful. Traditional medicine can play a more stoic and relentlessly lend to the scientific approach, but Native Americans have a more holistic outlook.

Health is viewed as a balance or harmony of mind and body. The goal is to be in harmony with all things, which means first being in harmony with oneself. Harmony is thought to neutralize problems and help one’s life to become beautiful. Good health makes it easier for all people to do their part in the universe, to serve others, and to fulfill their personal life visions.

Life is considered in all of its dualities: winter/summer, cold/hot, day/night, mind/body, spiritual/physical, work/play, and so on...

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How to Seek and Achieve Harmony in Work and Life

Friday, June 9, 2017 Life In Balance  No comments

How to Seek and Achieve Harmony in Work and Life

Are you an entrepreneur, do you happen to be a high-flying professional, or just a regular working person, no matter what you do, one thing is common, finding time for family and self besides taking care of business commitments is a real challenge. It is indeed quite difficult to strike a semblance of balance.

Balance Is an Illusion

Some people seem to be adept at managing things better than others. Well there must be some secret to it, and that balance is an illusion, so forget about it. The basic premise of balance is that it assumes we tend to spend equal chunks of time in almost all the areas of our life. You may visualize the image of a scale, which ensures everything is absolutely in balance and completely equal.

Strike the Perfect ...

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