Spend Consciously, Live in Balance

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Spend Consciously, Live in Balance

Do you ever feel that your relationship with money could be healthier? More in balance? Would you love to end the vicious debt cycle and be more connected to your Sendingspending; which in turn will bring you more connected to yourself?

It’s doable. But it requires being awake to your money: how you earn it, how you spend it and how you save it.

Ask yourself these questions:

* Does what I am doing with my money match my value system?

* Is my use of money enhancing my lifestyle?

* Or am I full of fear and resentment because this relationship is not working?

If you answered yes to the last question, read on. There is help on hand for you.

Taking Care of Number One (You)

While I was writing this newsletter, the buzzer on my dryer went off (yes, I am fortunate enough to work from home). I knew I had to get up in mid-sentence and take my clothes out of the dryer and hang them up. If I didn’t, they would wrinkle, creating more work in the long run; I would have to iron them, which is something I hate to do. This simple, everyday act made me realize that how we take care of our clothes is representative of how we take care of ourselves in other areas of our lives. Every facet of our lives requires a modicum of discipline.

Here’s an easy way to get started on the path to a better relationship with your money. Take the time to balance your checkbook every month. Reconcile it against you bank statement. Your life will be better for it as you won’t have to take up headspace wondering if your last debit transaction will bounce or if you will have to pay an overdraft fee. In this case, giving yourself the time to sit down with your checkbook is a gift. A few minutes per month can save you hours and days in misery worrying as well as hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees.

And speaking of time, have you noticed that it seems to fly? We are all getting older, but are we getting smarter about our money? I recently read that there are 73,000 Americans currently over 100 years old. So even if you work until you are 70, you may have another 30 years to support yourself. Are you prepared? This is a scary question for most of us, but it’s one that must be addressed.

No matter where you are in your earning cycle, a healthy relationship with money is the key to living a balanced life. Money is a gift, a fruit of our labors and deserves to be treated with respect. Money is a tool that we must learn to master the skill of using properly to reap the full benefits from using. Money troubles bring a troubled life. Financial balance brings prosperity, peace and serenity. Is that what you want for yourself? Then why not take that leap today and start to look consciously at your money.


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