Five Minute Test For A Balanced Life

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Five Minute Test For A Balanced Life

Do you have balance in your life? If you feel as if you are running in circles and are not spending enough of your precious time and energy on the things that count. If you are spending all of your time at your job or taking care of your family and you don’t know how to allot time for each so that you are not stretched, you may feel that certain things are missing from your life. If you have a very active social life you may find that your work is suffering or your family is neglected. When you focus too much on one area of your life and neglect other area, you may have key elements missing from your life and that could affect your ability to find enjoyment and to feel positive about yourself.

When you life is balanced, all of the different aspects of your life will fall into place. Your priorities will shift so that the things that count rise to the top. When you struggle through each day, you can lose your focus on the big picture. However, when you spend the right amount of time and energy on the right things in your life, you will achieve balance.

Take this five minute test to see what areas of your life need balance. See where you need to direct your attention, you just may surprise yourself!


To set up, draw six sections in a triangle or pie shaped, and arrange them in the typical circular pattern. Make sure that each section is large enough so that you can label it. When you have completed this exercise you will have created a graph to will show how balanced your life is by plotting each aspect of your life.

Label each section to reflect each of the main areas of your life. Some possibilities may be HEALTH, FAMILY, WORK, SPIRITUALITY, RELAXATION, EDUCATION, RECREATION, VOLUNTEER WORK and HOME. Tailor it work for your life and the things that are important to you.

As you label each section, take time to reflect on how satisfied you are with the time and effort that you allot each area of your life. The inner point or tip of the pie shape shows where you are least satisfied. The wider outer edge shows where you are most or completely satisfied. Place a dot in the area of the wedge that indicates your level of satisfaction.


Once you have completed all of your sections, connect the dots so that you form a complete circle.

Now look at your graph. Did you form a perfect circle or is it lopsided? Can you identify an area of your life that you have been ignoring? Reflect on that. Do you spend your time taking good care of your health? Do you eat healthy, exercise regularly or manage an illness? How about your home, is it clean and comfortable or are you forever wading through clutter? Does your work satisfy you? Is your income enough so that your expenses are met? How is your family life? Do you take time to be with your children and have quiet time with your spouse? Do you need to reconsider your spiritual needs or would furthering your education help you better fulfill your life? Evaluate the peaks and valleys of your graph and see where you need to take action.

If there are areas of your life that you have been neglecting it may be causing you to feel frustrated or unfulfilled. While it is impossible to achieve complete satisfaction in every single area of our life when there are extenuating circumstances that are beyond your control, but when you identify the areas of your life that require your time an attention, it can help you move toward a happier, more peaceful and, yes, balanced life.

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