How to Seek and Achieve Harmony in Work and Life

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How to Seek and Achieve Harmony in Work and Life


Are you an entrepreneur, do you happen to be a high-flying professional, or just a regular working person, no matter what you do, one thing is common, finding time for family and self besides taking care of business commitments is a real challenge. It is indeed quite difficult to strike a semblance of balance.

Balance Is an Illusion

Some people seem to be adept at managing things better than others. Well there must be some secret to it, and that balance is an illusion, so forget about it. The basic premise of balance is that it assumes we tend to spend equal chunks of time in almost all the areas of our life. You may visualize the image of a scale, which ensures everything is absolutely in balance and completely equal.

Strike the Perfect Balance

Strike the Perfect Balance This approach requires us to ideally spend an almost equal amount of time in some sort of an equal measure to each and everything that is deemed important. This is what it should be, however in reality no working professional is ever able to strike the perfect balance, all of us tend to be leading such hectic and busy lives that it becomes incredibly difficult to fit in each and everything.

Be Here Now

The following tips are going to resonate with you. Become a staunch supporter of the here now approach, meaning take the three simple sounding words literally as they are going to create harmony in your life. The underlying philosophy is to be right there wherever you are. If you happen to be at work be only there and do not let your mind wander on to home or other non-work-related things.

Create Harmony not Balance

Now if this turns out to be such a difficult proposition what can be done about it. Let us look at a paradigm shift, Create Harmony not Balance wherein we focus on creating harmony rather than creating balance. It goes beyond mere semantics, it is an altogether different way of taking a look at life. So far, we have arrived at a simple conclusion, even though complete balance may not possibly be achieved, it is still possible to create a life, that is in harmony and perfect sync with the vision you carry for yourself as a person and all that you have set out to achieve.

The Underlying Philosophy

Likewise, when you are at home it makes sense to remain right there and not think at all about the work that you would be required to do at the office. The underlying philosophy is wherever you are at the moment be there fully, totally and in all completeness.

Final Words

Learn to creatively manage your time. Look for ways and means to help you integrate the various elements of your life as far as possible, this way you would be able to create a sense of harmony and order. A really important life skill is to recognize the import of letting go and holding on. It is never possible to have it all, despite the popular belief.

Life is all about making choices, you would always find things that you got to say no and let go, at the same time you need to develop the capability to discern the things that are absolutely important for you, hold on to these things with all your might, that is the first step in the right direction towards a more harmonious life.



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